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TOURMALYN offers several types of natural stone jewelry which can combine together or combine : bracelets , earrings , rings , pendants , necklaces boxes of jewelry sets in natural stones are also available. 

Discover the virtues of each jewel in lithotherapy in its description. If it attracts you , it is because its virtues are what you need most at this time to accompany you on a daily basis , to improve your well-being ( see the anti-stress stones) , protect you (see the jewels in protection stones) , attract love or strengthen friendships (rose quartz jewelry) and many more ...

Find all the virtues of stones that TOURMALYN offers you on the following page: here .

All the jewels are mainly assembled with chains and fittings in silver or gilded fine gold . But we also offer stainless steel jewelry and brass jewelry. 

All jewelry is hypoallergenic and water resistant

What styles of jewelry?

Jewelry is costume jewelry ( stainless steel jewelry or jewelry in golden brass or silver brass jewelry ) but you can also find very beautiful pieces that are more elegant and prestigious (silver jewelry and stones, gilded fine gold jewelry and stones), which you can match with your outfit of the day or to wear everyday. 

What is gemstone jewelry? 

Fine stone jewelry are commonly called precious and semi precious stone jewelry.

Stones that we prefer to use in our creations are: amethyst, rose quartz, moonstone, malachite, labradorite, tiger eye, lepidolite, lapis lazuli, agate, angelite, rhodochrosite, apatite, chalcedony, fluorite, red jasper, I mokaite jasper, rutile quartz, unakite, green jasper, aventurine, amazonite, and many 'others still ...

What types and shapes of pearls?

We mainly work with pearls polished round , but also matt round pearls , of all diameters. But we also like to use round faceted beads , square faceted beads . Some pieces will have drop shaped stones or more abstract. 

Find out more about jewelry TOURMALYN ...

The rings are all sizes adaptable to all fingers. Most of the time, they are rings with an oval stone cabochon or rings with a small stone charm

The stone pendants are mounted on chains of adaptable length in order to be able to wear them
choker, mid-length or long necklace (3 different sizes).

The natural stone bracelets are mounted on strong resistant elastics. You can wear your natural stone bracelets alone or assemble them as you wish. It's very fashion ! It's trend ...

You can assemble your stone bracelets according to their virtues , their colors or their size. pearls. 

The natural stone earrings are mounted on classic supports or dormeuse supports closed to the back.

Depending on your preferences , you can match natural stone jewelry together, for example: stone earrings with the matching stone ring, or the stone pendant with the identical stone bracelet, combine two stone bracelets with the stone ring and similar stone earrings . Everything is possible!  Treat yourself ...